One-Stop-Shop for music

We all want and need to simply listen to music, to enjoy best quality, without having to deal with technical issues or spend time looking for our files and playlists, logging on to endless services or storing CD boxes. is a One-Stop-Shop for music gives you access to your whole music library, whether based on a selection of streaming playlists, files or CDs, through one unique and simple app, at home in all of your rooms and on-the-go. You access your library made of many sources & services.

Moreover, brings access to and proposes audio and video content and services that are related to your taste and habits. It’s based on our music intelligence  back-end and contextualized services.

Voxtok Music

For TV

Specific flavor of designed and though for TVs and STBs.

Includes some free services and integrates some paying additional features.

Fully customizable. Can be integrated into existing solutions, for brands or telco and TV operators.

Voxtok Music
Voxtok Music

Music Services as sources

Import, access and aggregate your music from different sources, automatically, for streaming / downloading catalogs, in compressed, CD and High-Resolution qualities.

Contextualized services enrich your experience by adding content & services. All sources are combined in one single simple space,

Natively multi-room

From a stand-alone use, to a multi-user & multi-room ecosystem.

Control your speakers and devices, in the same application.

Compatibility with many protocols and technologies. is the best companion to do this.

A music platform that knows about music

Looking for a needle in a haystack? has a built-in Intelligence with great user experience in mind.

Built around its proprietary knowledge base of music metadatas and expertise, the innovative recommandation system will help you to discover and find new music artists and titles.

On Every Device is available as companion apps for many mobile devices,

as well as a native embedded service for audio devices, Set Top Boxes and TVs.