One-Stop-Shop for music

Accessing music can be complicated in today’s digital age. Too many technical issues, issues of quality, time wasted searching for your files and playlists on multiple services that require many apps, with your CDs going unplayed. simply removes all of this complexity and delivers an incredible everything-in-one-place quality music experience. gives you access to your whole music library and more, by combining streaming playlists, files or CDs, via one unique and simple app. A multi-room system for your home, your office and even on-the-go.

Moreover, not only gives you a single access point to your existing library but using our music intelligence back-end contextualized services, Voxtok will offer up additional audio, video content and music related services all finely tuned to your personal taste and music preferences.

Voxtok Music

For TV

A specific flavor of designed with the new world of High Definition and 4K Ultra HD Television. An exceptional graphic rich User Interface for a combination of high quality music services from free to premium. Fully customizable for Broadcast/Telco Operators, delivering a simple, unique, rich monetizeable service to your customers.

Voxtok Music
Voxtok Music

Music Services as sources

Import, access and aggregate your music from different sources, automatically, for streaming / downloading catalogs, in compressed, CD and High-Resolution quality.

Contextualized services enrich your experience by adding music content & music services such as magazines, webzines, concerts and more. All sources are combined in one place,

Natively multi-room

From a stand-alone use, to a multi-user & multi-room ecosystem.

Control your speakers and devices, via a single application.

Compatible with many protocols and technologies. is the best companion for a great experience.

A music platform that knows about music

Looking for a needle in a haystack? has an innovative recommendation engine built by people who love and understand music. Rich metadata supported, built-in machine intelligence conceived to bring you more music, more artists and more music services to augment your enjoyment and experience.

On Every Device is available for the mobile device eco-system as an App or natively integrated into Audio Systems, STBs/CPEs and Smart TVs.