Voxtok.play empowers your device with Music

Opening up its core technologies to the TV and Audio industries, Voxtok built Voxtok.play is a set of software extensions covering Audio, TV & STB/CPE, TV Service Operators and Chipset providers.

Voxtok.play integrates Music, Multiroom and TV technologies.

Voxtok Music for TV


Voxtok.music for TV
Rich music based Metadata
Discovery & recommendation
Acoustic Recognition


Home Music Gateway
Wireless speakers control
Open protocols
Specific extensions


Voxtok HbbTV SDK
HTML5 TV Web Browsers
Optimized multi-screen Web Apps
Hybrid devices (Broadcast & OTT)

Voxtok.music for TV

Voxtok.music for TV is a specific flavor of Voxtok.music designed for TVs and STBs/CPEs. Voxtok.music is an exceptional graphic rich User Interface for a combination of high quality music services from free to premium.

The service is fully customizable and can be integrated into existing solutions. Have a look at Voxtok.music in more details.

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Multi-room extensions

Supports many protocols and consumer brands so you can control a variety of home devices such as TVs, STBs/CPEs, Sound Bars, Wireless speakers and more.

Just drag and drop music from any app to any device.

Voxtok HbbTV SDK, a shared-source project

Voxtok HbbTV SDK – v1.5 to 2.0 – is a shared-source project hosted and supported on Voxtok.org.

Voxtok’s pedigree in Web technologies for TV and STBs/CPEs with the first ever HbbTV products means that we can expand this eco-system by adding our music knowledge, expertise and associated technologies.

Voxtok Music for TV

Supports HbbTV 1.5
Ready for HbbTV 2.0
Optimized library for Blink

A real albeit incomplete DVB Stack
Fully functional in term of HbbTV Basic requirements
Read source from TS File, DVB-S or DVB-T Signal & MPTS
Real DSMCC Object Carousel support

Multiplatform, multibrowser, multi layout toolchain
Javascript library for rapid and efficient development
Library of Javascript and CSS components
Based on the best-in-class tools
More than 100 objets with
– predefined behavior
– overridable methods
– overridable layout
– Image, label, input, sliders, …
Javascript object: RemoteSliders, PageCount, Carousel… CSS Objects: Wheels, MediaPlayer, …
Development guidelines:
Object and variable strong typing enforcement
Obfuscation and minimisation
Uses Google Closure Compiler, Compass-Sass,
Coding guidelines enforcement with gjsling and scss-lint
Automatic documentation generation with JSDoc
Native application generation using Cordova

Part of CL-Lib Javascript Framework
Build option: supersedes HbbTV API with Javascript code
All HbbTV API and data models are declared.
Responses are based on JSON File
HbbTV data come from a JSON File (generated manually or from a TS file)

Voxtok.music and its services

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