Voxtok Music

Music Services for the most demanding listeners

We all want and need to simply listen to music, to enjoy best quality, without having to deal with technical issues or spend time looking for our files and playlists, logging on to endless services or storing CD boxes. AudioCapsule gives you access to your whole music library, whether based on streaming playlists, files or CDs, through one unique and simple app, at home in all of our rooms and on-the-go.

Voxtok Music

Music Services

Voxtok Music allows you to import and access music from different sources. You can play and upload files from your local network or devices, or automatically import your playlists from external services. You can also access streaming and downloading catalogs, in compressed, CD and High-Resolution qualities.

Cloud Services

Voxtok delivers an end-to-end service, from your Audiocapsule to your devices on-the-go. Your music is available any time, on any device, anywhere ! Voxtok Music synchronises and backs up your music and your settings so that you can concentrate on listening to your favorite music.

Voxtok Music Cloud Services

A music platform that knows about music

Looking for a needle in a haystack? Voxtok Music has a built-in Intelligence with great user experience in mind. Built around its proprietary knowledge base of music metadatas and exceptional human expertise, the innovative recommandation system will give you super-hero powers to discover and find new music artists and titles.

On Every Device

Voxtok Music comes with companion apps for all devices, from your Smartphone to your SmartTV. Voxtok Music apps are available for iOS, Android,… Fan of Pebble ? That works too! Take control of your music, Voxtok Music provides an unlimited library at home and on-the-go.